Terms & Conditions

All courses must be booked and paid for in advance and if the course is paid for using the payment plan, then the first payment must be paid in advance of the course start date, subsequent payments will be made just before the next course unit starts, only course units which have been paid for in full, will qualify for certification, attendance will be suspended until payment is made, any extra tuition required will be charged for.  All payments are non refundable and non transferable on cancellation.

All Drift-Away courses have sufficient assessment opportunities available, any extra assessment opportunities required, due to absence of a student or other student circumstances, will be charged as extra tuition.

If students are absent from classes for any reason, it is the students responsibility to catch up with work missed, with the help of the tutor, peers, video and written materials available.  Any extra classes required will be charged as extra tuition.

Toilet facilities at Drift Away Bewdley are at the top of a single flight of stairs, students should be aware of this before booking on to courses, however every attempt will be made to accommodate all students.

Drift Away-Bewdley requests that all valuables including expensive jewellery be left at home, or kept safely in the clients/students own handbag.  Drift Away-Bewdley accepts no responsibility for any valuables bought onto the premises.

All learners must be dressed appropriately for all courses, and the beauty therapy professional code of conduct followed at all times.

Students must attend if the External Examiner from VTCT wishes to visit, this should always be on a night when the course is running, however if the External Examiner does wish to visit at a different time, all students must be present, sufficient notice will be given. 

All students must attend at the date and time requested to sit external papers, a Doctor's note will be required for any absences as the external papers are under examination rules as set out by the examining board.  Any re-sits due to absence will be charged as extra tuition.

There must be a minimum of 4 students for each course to run. Maximum student capacity at Drift Away-Bewdley 6.






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